Minerals & Construction Materials

CJSC Eurosib SPb Transport Systems arranges services for carriage of mineral building cargoes:

  • non-ore building materials
  • soda ash
  • silica
  • lime
  • dolomite
  • nepheline
  • feldspar lump etc.

Advantages for our clients:

  • guaranteed dispatch of planned cargo volumes according to schedule
  • development of customer-oriented transport solutions
  • network of regional and international offices
  • diversified wagon fleet providing full-packaged servicing;
  • reduction of transport charges and saving of client time.


  • arrangement of group and fixed-route deliveries;
  • development of schemes for utilization of rolling stock reducing empty running of wagons;
  • development of promising rolling stock structures to satisfy client expectations;
  • in-company infrastructure for management and maintenance of wagon fleet;
  • using of efficient tools of multi-modal logistics.